Tuesday, November 27, 2012

December 2012 Newsletter

Welcome to RatLines! WEB SITE: Visit our new website at www.castyouranchorhobby.com. The new website has clearer pictures, is more searchable and has features that we will be adding overtime. It might sound like fun updating a website but trust us – it wasn’t. We offer information directed solely for model ship builders. You’ll find useful tips, a wide variety of kits, tools & parts for all your shipbuilding needs. What comes after the foghorn? Bounty: Progressing. Got interrupted by the website update. Year three is starting off by building the masts and yards. This is the part I like best. When I’m rigging I feel a bit like a surgeon. Good news is that if I make a slip I don’t kill the patient. I make a lot of slips so I guess I’ll stick with model ships and pass on human bodies! Membership Site. We’re looking at establishing a site for our customers to be able to interact with. In addition to the usual FAQs, Classifieds and build logs, we’ll be adding interesting sections on how to bring your model to life through videos and pictures. Check out this site for an example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAWwecrobv4 Another idea is to provide slides of detailed building of parts. It’s almost impossible to watch a video while you’re building and one picture is usually not enough so multiple pictures that you can hang in your workshop could be very useful. More information to come. Fittings Catalogue: Don’t’ forget we can send you a printed copy of our Ship Model Fittings Catalogue. Just contact us!!! Speaking About Santa: Cast Your Anchor is has been gearing up for the big event. Let’s face it, there’s going to be snow here soon. What better way to hibernate inside this winter by building your dream ship. Cast Your Anchor is well stocked right now. We look forward to hearing you.