Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ratlines September 2008

Welcome to RatLines!
With this edition of the Cast Your Anchor newsletter, we bring you a new name. We have always strived to keep ship model builders up-to-date and starting this month we’ll provide you with even more great information, in-store and website specials, and new insider tips.


Bluenose II Kit with DVD and Tools ONLY: $249.95

We are offering this highly detailed kit with a fantastic “How-To” DVD and ALL the TOOLS to get you started.
A Planked Hull and Deck static model the kit includes
• Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions • All Die-Cut Parts
The Tool Package includes a miter box & saw set, hobby knife, square, sandpaper and wood glue.
SPECIFICATIONS: Scale: 1:75, Length: 710mm, Height: 590mm, Beam: 110mm

Web Site: Visit our new website at We offer information directed solely for model ship builders. You’ll find useful tips, a wide variety of kits, tools & parts for all your shipbuilding needs. We even have a Scratch Builder’s section. Can you hear the foghorn?

Fall Events: Cast Your Anchor will be participating in the Kingston Road Village Fall Festival and the Christmas Parade. More details in October’s issue.

REFERENCE LIBRARY: Cast Your Anchor is building a reference library for the use of our customers. It is professionally catalogued and will be expanded as resources permit. In addition to modeling books available for purchase, our library includes all manner of materials related to specific models.

This month’s MODELING TIP FOCUS: Ship Modeling Books

Although there are many ship model books available they can sometimes be difficult to find and often hard to know which would be the most useful investment. Cast Your Anchor is an innovative hobby store located in Toronto, Canada. We specialize in the Art of Ship Model Building. Here are our Recommendations for Ship Modeling Books
The Ship Model Builder’s Assistant. Charles G. Davis
One of the best general information books on the hobby. The first of three books written by Davis and originally published in 1926, it is an enduring classic for ship model builders of all levels. “Indispensable for the serious model builder, this book offers hobbyists a true understanding of the masting, rigging, and most important fittings of American clipper ships and packet ships of the Great Age of Sail…enhanced with over 270 clear, detailed drawing of ships’ components”.
Ship Modeling Simplified. Frank Mastini
“Here is the advice you need for a trouble free start in an exciting hobby”. A wonderfully detailed volume on ship model construction this book addresses choosing the right kit for your abilities, how to decipher complicated plans, setting up an efficient workbench and buying the right tools. Based on the great Canadian schooner Bluenose the information and described techniques easily carry over to any ship model you are consider ing.
The Art of Rigging. Captain George Biddlecombe
Another classic in the Art of Ship Model Building. Originally published in 1848 by Captain Biddlecombe (Master in the Royal Navy), this Dover edition has been extensively revised and updated. It includes valuable information on Rigging Terms, Directions for Rigging Operations, Progressive Methods of Ship Rigging, Reeving the Running Rigging & Bending the Sails, plus Tables of Quantities & Dimensions of Standing & Running Rigging. “…It is believed by modern experts to be the best manual ever produced on rigging the sailing ship”.
OUT-OF-PRINT BOOKS: Cast Your Anchor has the ability to obtain out-of-print and hard-to-find books. Tell us what you’re looking for at:

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