Saturday, March 06, 2004

March 2004 Newsletter

Hopefully the worst of winter is past and everyone will soon be enjoying a sunny spring.
It continues to be a busy time for us setting up our store. And yes - we are still under construction!

What’s new at Cast Your Anchor?

Free Children’s Workshop’s: Introduce your children to the wonderful world of model boat building. Saturday mornings we’ll be offering instruction and assistance to enhance your child’s ability to succeed at model building Drop by the store for additional information.

March Promotion: Free with every kit purchased an instructional video on building techniques for plank-on-plank model ship.

Just the Numbers: In stock: 50 different model kits, 5000 fittings in every scale, 1700 specialized tools, 1000 different types and sizes of wood. You will not find a better selection of modeling products in Ontario!

Specials: OOPS, our friendly transportation company had a slight problem with one of our shipments. The boxes are damaged but the product inside is not. Available are:

1 only, H.M.S. Bounty, regular $385.95, now $289.00
1 only, King of the Mississippi, regular $159.95, now $120.00

Artist Rendering: Perhaps a particular ship has special meaning to you but there is no kit currently available. We can arrange to have either a pen and ink drawing or water colour painting commissioned. A treasure for a lifetime. Ask for details in the store

What’s Next

Model Club and Workshops: Once the construction is complete, we will continue to organize for different types of events in the store.

Radio Control: Just in time for spring, we are receiving our line of radio control sail and power boats. Our radio control division will be fully supported with kits, parts and technical assistance.

Nautical Gifts: We are searching for unique hand-crafted nautically themed gifts to enhance our product offering for you. Hand blown glass, stained glass, ornaments, water colours or oils, needlecraft. In other words, any one-of-a-kind item that is hand made. Let us know if there are any special items you would like to see!.

Our customers make a difference. Please let us know if there is a particular activity or product that you would like us to consider. We truly appreciate the feedback that we have received so far and look forward to more of your excellent suggestions.

See you at the store