Wednesday, February 07, 2007

February Newsletter

February 2007 Newsletter

What’s New at Cast Your Anchor?

Expansion: We have established an additional showroom at Cast Your Anchor. We are now occupying three floors at our location on Kingston Road. Come on down to the store and check it out.

Web Site: Check out our ship model site. Yes, we are still under construction but it’s coming along. The search tool should be up shortly. We have also added live help. We can now chat on line in real time. Fancy that!!

Ship Models: Speaking of ship models, Cast Your Anchor represents 14 different manufacturers and has 32 different categories of ship and boat models. It is our intention this year to turn our store into a showroom where our customers can test drive the different kits that are available.

Delivery Service: Cast Your Anchor is pleased to offer a free delivery pickup service in London and Hamilton Ontario. We encourage all of customers in South Western Ontario to use this service and save on gas or postage. Please call the store for details.

Dating Service: Cast Your Anchor is pleased to announce that it has had its first on line date!!! You too can take advantage of this great service. A number of our customers have expressed interest in meeting people in their geographical area that are into the ship model hobby. If you are interested in meeting like-minded people in your area please contact the store and will put you in touch.

What’s Coming

Bluenose Model Contest: Cast Your Anchor and the Queen of the North Atlantic Enterprises are working on a Bluenose Model Contest to be held in Lunenburg this coming summer. Keep this in mind. Every model will receive recognition. We will have more information in January.

Distribution and Wholesale: Cast your Anchor is diving into the distribution and wholesale business. We are attempting to distribute fittings from Argentina and Canada. We are also attempting to bring product directly from China. Should this work, our customers can expect significant cost saving dealing with Cast Your Anchor. Keep tuned for an update.

Model Registry: Cast Your Anchor is proposing to build a database of ship models that are built by our customers. Some of the information to be included would be the name of the builder, the owner, the year in which it was completed and some of the characteristics of the model. This database would be used to authenticate models. The model would be issued a certificate. The database would be managed by Cast Your Anchor and be archived within a nautical museum. Please indicate if you would like to have your model registered.

See you at the store