Monday, September 19, 2011

September / October 2011 Newsletter

We hope everyone had a terrific summer. Unfortunately it’s time to start battening down the hatches in preparation for the impending winter.
Cast Your Anchor continues to search for value for our customers. Stay tuned for remarkable pricing on some ship model fittings. Check out our stock of ship model parts and accessories. We have over 5000 fittings in stock covering historical and modern eras.
Did you know that we write articles concerning ship model buildings? Here’s an excerpt from the last article entitled “The Retired Model Ship Builder”
How to Make Model Ship Building Safe
It is important to observe some rules to make sure that your model ship building hobby is safe. As such you should ensure that:
• You wear protective clothing, and if working outdoors on your model in the summer be sure to use sunscreen and wear a broad brimmed hat to protect yourself from the sun.
• Treat accidental cuts and bruises immediately to avoid them getting infected.
• Don't sniff the glue... for too long.
• Make sure to clean and store all your model ship building tools and equipment in a safe place where they are easy to reach when you need them.

Last Word
Retirement model ship building is a happy hobby that anybody can enjoy. Whether you choose other activities like growing fresh vegetables, or beautiful flowers, we know you will find model ship building to be an enjoyable way to spend your retirement years.
Above all, have fun and enjoy the ship model building experience. No matter what your children say to you today about your new hobby (best just to ignore them), they will appreciate your effort years from now.

Let us know if you would like a list of published articles.


Saturday, April 02, 2011

April 2011 Newsletter

The Build: As many of you know, I am currently building the Bounty from Artesania Latina. This is the one with the open side. Like any model builder, I felt that the kit was good but needed more detail. In addition to the latrine and plant room, I have added a workroom, carpentry shop, kitchen, sleeping quarters and stores. At the rate I’m going it looks like this will be a three year build instead of two years.

Specials: Just in time for spring, Cast Your Anchor has dropped the price on a few Radio Control Boats. The Phantom regular price of $152.95 is now $119.95, the Top Speed 2 hull regularly $175.95 now only $129.95 and the Air Streak with a regular price of $479.95 is offered at $299.95. If you are in the mood for building a radio control boat try Midwest’s Fire Boat, regular price of $277.44, now only $199.95. And for the last time the Bluenose Plastic Model kit from HobbyCraft Canada regular price of $59.95, now only $39.95 while quantities last.

Fittings: Cast Your Anchor has the best assortment of model ship fittings out there. Customers have told us that they come to us for the hard to find fitting. We like to think that if it’s out there we’ll be able to get it for you. Another service Cast Your Anchor provides is that we never cancel back orders unless instructed to by our customers. You’ll get your parts - it might just take awhile.

Nautical Gifts: Check out our line of nautical gifts at Just in time for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, all of our pirate paraphernalia has been put on sale. Get something for that wee pirate in your family while you pick up your model ship.


Monday, January 17, 2011

January 2011 Newsletter

Ship Model Fittings: By now you may have noticed on our website the fittings from Modelbouw Shop in the Netherlands. We are currently handling their line of emergency lighting, deck lighting, fire extinguishers and life vests. These details will finish your modern model ship to perfection.

Specials: Cast Your Anchor is pleased to offer the Artesania Latina Victory kit at a special price of $895.95. We only have 1 in stock so if you have always wanted to build Nelson’s flag ship, now’s the time. We also have 1 Microlux Tilting Arbor Table saw for $559.95 and a few other specials

Industry News: Cast Your Anchor has sorted out its supply chain to the European manufacturer’s of model ship kits, tools and fittings. We have started to increase our inventory of the hard to get products. We are continually on the hunt for the best products in the market to help you make your ship model outstanding.

Bluenose II: Cast Your Anchor has a few pieces of the Bluenose II hull left. These pieces are mounted on a base and authenticated by the Bluenose II Preservation Trust. In 1995, the Bluenose II Preservation Trust retrofitted some of the famous schooner. Contact Cast Your Anchor to see how you too can own a piece of true Canadian history.