Saturday, May 29, 2010

June 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to RatLines!


Dating Service: Some of our long time customers may remember Matt and Jennifer. They were instrumental in the successful launch of Cast Your Anchor. Both went on to develop their careers but guess what? They will be getting married next month. Congratulations to Matt and Jenn and if you would like to send them your best wishes, drop us an email and we’ll make sure that they get it.

Special Offering: We are rapidly selling out of the two Artesania Kits the Surprise (1 left) and the Santa Ana (2 left). These are fabulous kits at a fabulous price. Contact Cast Your Anchor if you are interested.

Radio Control: Need something to do up at the lake? Check out Cast Your Anchor radio control power and sail boats. The Victoria sail boat by Thunder continues to be our number one seller. We have tug boats, speed boats and even a terrific submarine.

Modern Ship Fittings: Check out our line of modern ship fittings. The quality of brass working fittings from RB Model is unsurpassed. If you don’t see what you are looking for, give us a call and if it’s out there we’ll be able to get it for you.


May 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to RatLines!

Modern Ship Fittings: Cast Your Anchor has completed yet another improvement to its website to make searching for items much easier. Visit our website at: You will notice that the fittings have been divided up into two categories; Modern Ship Fittings and Period Ship Fittings. This will make your search that much easier. Just another improvement in customer care at Cast Your Anchor.

Fittings: A few months ago, we announced that we have a complete line of fittings from Artesania Latina in stock. We are very pleased to announce that we have also arranged to acquire fittings directly from Amati out of Italy and RB Models out of Poland. RB Models is a world class manufacturer of working brass fittings such as blocks and shackles. Cast Your Anchor is quickly becoming the North American leader in model ship fittings. Check us out!

Industry Shake Up: The economy has had it’s toll on some of our suppliers. An icon of the Toronto hobby scene, Hobbycraft Canada, is reorganizing and downsizing itself. We are not sure what support will be left for our hobby but Cast Your Anchor is hard at work to fill in the gaps. But good news for you! We were able to pick up 3 Atesania Latina HMS Surprise - 1796 kits and 2 Santa Ana - 1785 kits. The regular price is $1000 ea. While supplies last we can offer either kit to you for $695.00. That’s a 30% discount. Let us know if you want in on this once in a life time offer.

Radio Control: Don’t forget that Cast Your Anchor also sells radio control boats. Our specialty is sail boats - both kits and parts. We also have a few ready to run RC boats in stock.