Monday, December 05, 2005

Tool Packages

Tool Packages

Listed below are suggested tool packages that the new modeler would find useful. Start off by looking around your home for tools that you already have. The builder will need items like tweezers and clothespins. You can also make up jigs for tasks like bending wood or holding the model in place while you are working on it.

Silver Package

Miter box and saw set For straight or angled cuts for planking $21.95
Hobby knife General purpose $ 2.95
Wood Glue $ 4.49

Total $29.39

Gold Package

Rigging Glue For gluing unlike materials and rigging $ 9.95
Set of Files Use for reaming out various holes $32.95
Hammer Small jewelers type $ 6.95
Tweezers Pointed $ 6.95
Hobby Knife Grip handle $ 9.95
#11 Blades Package of 15 $ 6.95
Clamps Set of 6 spring clamps $ 5.95
Plank former Use to get proper shape of planks $34.95
Spiral drill Used to hold smallest of drill bits $ 9.95
Drill bits Set of three, .014",.025", .031" $ 8.97
Paint brushes Also use for glue application – pkg. of 15 $14.95

Total $148.47

Platinum Package

Right angled ruler Squaring bulkheads to keel $14.95
Long sanding block Use to form bulkheads $21.95
Nailer Accurate placement of nails $22.95
Electric plank bender Used to get proper shape of planks $49.95
Planking clamp set Hold planks to bulkheads $23.95
Keel Klamper Holding ship during construction $89.95

Total $223.70