Saturday, March 28, 2009

Radio Control Season is Back!

Radio Control: Spring is here and it’s time to turn our attention to Radio Control Power Boats and Sailboats. Check out the line of great radio control products at Cast Your Anchor. We are here to help you enjoy the fine weather ahead.

Modern Ship Fittings: Cast Your Anchor is pleased to present a new line of modern ship fittings. Imported from Europe, we have the largest selection of modern ship fittings in North America. Click on the link and see what’s new at Cast Your Anchor.

Ship Model Kit Manufactures: Cast Your Anchor has added 5 new manufactures of model ship kits. Aeronaut, Billings, Bluejacket, Caldercraft and Model Slipway. These kits are European designed and manufactured. Check them out.

Web Site: Visit our new website at We offer information directed solely for model ship builders. You’ll find useful tips, a wide variety of kits, tools & parts for all your shipbuilding needs.

Are you feeling anxious, emotionally fragile, worried, fearful or nervous about the current economic crises? During these difficult economic times, returning to basics can be the golden lining. Recessions do create opportunities. For example there is a way of increasing your net worth even if your investments have gone south for their winter vacation. Net worth is defined as your assets minus your liabilities. So if you reduce your liabilities, your net worth increases. A pretty simple concept that works. Speaking about simple concepts, how about returning to simpler times. Instead of buying fast food, how about learning to cook from scratch. Other activities that are fun and don’t cost too much money are reading library books, drawing, painting, volunteer work, socializing with your neighbors and handmade crafts. Kind of sounds like Little House on the Prairie but how much fun can this be?

Now let’s talk about stuff. The word stuff is used to emphasize that you do not care about something, or do not want it or things that have no real value. During these times we can redefine what stuff is valuable to us and what stuff is not. The idea during a recession is not to add valueless stuff to your collection but to add value. Value is the importance or worth of something for someone. Notice that there is no mention of monetary value in this definition. As an example, we, at Cast Your Anchor have repaired many ship models that have been left to rot in basements or attics by their owners. These models were hand crafted by a loved one and their value went unnoticed for many years until one day, they were rediscovered by the children or grand children of the builder and their true value was finally recognized. The moral of the story is that value is in the eye of the beholder and a recession can open eyes that were wide shut.

Speaking about handmade crafts, perhaps you have always wanted a ship model for your fireplace mantel. But the cost of a completed model can be pricey. What’s the option? Build your own! Cast Your Anchor is in the business of helping builders be successful at the hobby of model ship building. We are always happy to answer questions and give advice. And don’t forget that the cost per hour of this hobby is only $.04. Could have something to do with the time it takes to produce a work of art. The thing is, by the time you finish your model the recession will be well over – guaranteed. But how much fun did you have and what value have you created even if it is not recognized yet.

So try to stop feeling anxious, emotionally fragile, worried, fearful or nervous about the current economic crises. The glass has always been half full. It’s OK to take a sip every now and again, enjoy life and look forward to the times ahead and while you are at it, try to go back to the future. That’s where living really starts.