Wednesday, January 23, 2008

February 2008 Newsletter

How To Choose a Wooden Ship Model Kit for the Novice

First you want good instructions. Most intermediate and all expert level kits assume you already know many of the techniques needed to complete a kit. Added to this there are certain European manufacturers such as Mamoli that use terms that we in North America are not accustomed to. Try to avoid obscure ships. The more famous the boat like the Bluenose, the more information available that will help you with the construction.

For the model itself, choose something with an easy hull to build like a schooner. Bending the initial layer of wood can be difficult. Also look for a reasonable amount of rigging on the ship including rat lines. Too much rigging can be overwhelming but you do want to practice.

Make sure you read the instructions thoroughly. Many of the parts listed on the parts sheets inside the model ship kit have to be fabricated by you the builder.

The staff of Cast Your Anchor is always happy to help you get started and motivate you to finish.

Enjoy the Experience