Tuesday, October 03, 2006

October 2006 Newsletter

October 2006 Newsletter

What’s New at Cast Your Anchor?

Pirates Invade Cast Your Anchor: Cast Your Anchor is involved in the Kingston Road Street Festival to be held Saturday October 14th . Come down to the store and meet the Pirate and his gorgeous Wench. All day long will be tax free. That’s right – Cast Your Anchor will pay the GST and PST. Free gifts for kids.

Hobby Show: Mark November 3rd 4th and 5th on your calendar. This year Cast Your Anchor is going to present a Pirate theme at the show. Each day of the show, the first 100 kids that visit our booth will be given a pirate flag. Remember, you don’t have to be small to be a kid!! We will also be giving away prizes and showing a Pirates of the Caribbean movie to keep the little ones amused. See us at the International Centre. Join us for a Tax Free Weekend!

Bluenose II: Cast Your Anchor has been able to obtain 37 pieces of the Bluenose II. In 1995, the Bluenose II Preservation Trust retrofitted some of the famous schooner. Contact Cast Your Anchor to see how you too can own a piece of true Canadian history.

No More Excuse Kit: If you could buy a kit that came with all the tools you need, glue, paint and a great instructional book, what could be better? How about if Cast Your Anchor gave you your money back (store credit) once you built the boat. Unbelievable!! Contact us for details.

They’re Back: Still a few left!! You saw them first at the Hobby Show in November. We have received another shipment of completed models. Great quality at a great price. These won’t last. Come in and check it out. Makes a great gift. Some of the ships are Le Soleil Royal, HMS Prince, Cutty Sark, Bluenose, Constitution, Victory, Endeavour and many more.

Nautical Gifts: Decorate your workshop. Cast Your Anchor is pleased to present new brass products. Compasses, chart readers, brass hooks, and much more. We even have ships bells.

What’s Coming

Kingston Road Santa Clause Parade: Cast Your Anchor is pleased to be a sponsor of Kingston Road’s first Santa Clause Parade. Mark Sunday November 12th on your calander. Bring the kids down and join in the festivities. Great way to kick off the Christmas season

Model Registry: Cast Your Anchor is proposing to build a database of ship models that are built by our customers. Some of the information to be included would be the name of the builder, the owner, the year in which it was completed and some of the characteristics of the model. This database would be used to authenticate models. The model would be issued a certificate. The database would be managed by Cast Your Anchor and be archived within a nautical museum. Please indicate if you would like to have your model registered.

Our customers make a difference. Please let us know if there is a particular activity or product that you would like us to consider. We truly appreciate the feedback that we have received so far and look forward to more of your excellent suggestions.

See you at the store